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,000 penalty. businesses of all sizes are searching for ways to cope with the law, and the easiest way to avoid paying expenses is to hire more temps. see, to qualify for health care coverage under the affordable care act, they are more likely to hire temp employees. you will have try to have fewer than 50 full-time employees so you don't have to rely on obama care. and small businesses aren't alone in not wanting to cover health care costs. if you are a lark elarger busin much more likely to hire part time workers to avoid paying more for health insurance. obama care kicks in starting 2014, the companies need to start making ajustments now? the law has a 12-month look back or measurement period for the purposes of figuring out how much each company will be on the hook for. 2013 is a great year for the temporary staffing business. the question is, how do you play it? commercial stfing companies that connect companies with lower skilled workers, companies like true blue, kiel services and man power and staffing companies that provide workers with higher level skill sets like robert heft, on assi
to acquire fortune brands would have to be done later in the year because of arcane tax laws. that's the caveat. still, the timing. we are now witnessing a fabulous housing rebound, something i've been talking about a lot lately because of it's incredible staying power. we're not going back to the days of the housing bubble. but new household formation exploded in 2012, to a million new households and there is still pent up demand for homes that can give us multiple years of upside. now housing starts are on the rise in a big way. take a look at this chart. look how far we can go, for heaven's sake. housing starts going back to 1989. see the huge uptick in 2004? i wouldn't be proposing this marriage if 2013 wouldn't be better. we're right at the beginning of a cycle that masco and fortune brands benefit from in a major way. you need paint and insulation, masco makes that. you need doors and windows and locks. the same is true if you want to sell your old home. the easiest way to fix it up is to remodel with new installations. with housing prices rising across the country, now is th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)